Monday, 10 February 2014

Air Scouts

Hello my tiny pixels,

This week I have gone back to scouts!! Now my mum is a scout leader I thought I might give it another chance, this week we were painting model spitfire planes. They were really cool to make and next week we're finishing painting them and then putting them together ya yay! Soon we are going on a trip with scouts to a place called lock 'n' load which is like laser quest. There is so many things to do with scouts like camping and going abroad for different badges! Now for some pictures 😺

This is the logo

This is the model plane

And this is the uniform

Bye for now my tiny pixels 🐱😃😛😜💙💜💚❤️💗💓

Friday, 31 January 2014


Hi tiny pixels last week I went to Scotland to visit my family and, to visit my baby cousin Matthew. I had a brilliant time and while I was there Matthew had his Christening, which was really nice! We also went to places such as Nairn, Ardersier and where my grata rents live Inverness. We went to meet up with several friends and went for nice walks in Nairn. It was freezing while we were there so we haas to wrap up warm anytime we went out. At the christening we had a lovely service with not May people just family and friends and after we went to the Columba hotel and had a great time. 

Most nights me and my big sister Kia set in the kitchen and coloured in my big poster full of patterns to colour, we bought two of them and we're not even near a quarter of the way through the first! Haha

Now time for some pictures of my brill week.

This is a picture of my cousin mattew

This is the pier at Nairn beach

These are some snowy mountains we saw on the way home

And this is Matthew getting christened 

That's all for now my tiny pixels. Byeeeeeeeeee 

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Locke park

Hello my tiny pixels
This week I have been running! I went to the Saturday morning park run at Locke park and I ran one lap! Next time I go I'm going to try and run two. I also ran/walked around pugneys with hermione and that was also really cool, we both did one lap of pugneys then went in the park haha! Today me, Kia, my mum, my dad,Harry and Indy went to Locke park and walked around the park run course which was nice since when you run around it you don't really get to see the park.
Here are some pictures

This is the Locke park tower

This is the play park 

This is pugneys country park

This is the play park at pugneys 

That's all for now tiny pixels byeeee xxxx 

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Lowry

Hey tiny pixels,
Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, but I will be blogging a lot now. So today me, my mum, kia, Jody, nana and hermione all went to the Lowry to go see the fairy tales and folklore exhibition and it was brilliant. We started of by looking at the L.S Lowry exhibition which was brilliant. Lowry's artwork was really good but, his work was very different to artists back then. His paintings and drawings were quite gloomy and sad at times and most of his paintings were just things he just saw throughout his day to day life. Then we went on to look at the fairy tales and folklore exhibition. This paintings there were amazing. Nowadays most the fairy tales we see are made to look pretty and beautiful but, back then the fairy tales were quite Grimm at times. For example in the little red riding hood Disney film it's really pretty and sunny however, in the original story the woods is dark and scary.

Here's some pictures from today 

This is outside the Lowry

This is the little red riding hood forest painting

This is the sugar plum fairy

And this is Lowry's gloomy funeral party painting

That a all for now tiny pixels see you again soon

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Top 10 Television Programmes

Hey my tiny pixels
Recently I have been watching more TV than usual so I have my top 10 tv programmes!

10. The Walking Dead

9 . Outnumbered

8. The Inbetweeners
7. Supernatural


6.Doctor Who
5. Family Guy

4. Russell Howard's Good News

3. Dave Gorman's Modern Life is Goodish

2. Peep show

1. Friends

Byeeee tiny pixels